Search and match talent with more care and diligence

AI matching

Match any job instantly against new candidates, past applicants and current employees

Search for Passive Candidates

Get access to over 250 data sources and build the teams you need to drive and sustain the success of your company

Use AI and ML to augment your recruiting team

Leverage the mass of data about people that exists inside and outside of your company and free up time by automating routine tasks.


Use AI in your talent acquisition strategy to reduce time and cost to hire

Attract, develop, motivate and retain happier, more effective employees whilst gaining efficiencies and reducing costs across the entire hiring lifecycle


Ucruit is you AI-powered talent sourcing platform


Review millions of profiles from your talent pool in seconds

Source New Talent

Finds the people most likely to succeed in a job based on their skills and potential. Identifying talent missed by legacy keyword-based screening.

Instant Access And Real-Time

Empower the capabilities of AI in your workflow by accessing Ucruit in your browser.

Excellent Value

A simple pricing model with no additional 'success fee', our service costs less than the average cost of posting a job advert.

HRIS and ATS Integration

Ucruit integrates with any applicant tracking system or HRIS with an API to create a seamless workflow.

Easy To Use

Source, engage and hire for every role, globally or locally. Our AI understands over 12 languages.

  • We were curious to see how accurate Ucruit was at matching candidates, within a week we had made a job offer to one of the candidates found.

    Key Account Manager

    ClinSearch S.A, France
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  • In the past, it has cost us at least €5000 to fill an open position. We paid to advertise the job, had someone screening incoming applications and researching the candidates. With Ucruit, we managed to greatly reduce costs and instantly received top-matching applicants.

    Managing Partner

    Asset Wealth Manager, Switzerland

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We address the challenges in future talent management

We deliver the talent sourcing platform, the most effective way for HR professionals to identify promising candidates and serve their internal requirements faster and more effectively. Ucruit's platform enables you to turn talent sourcing in to a competitive advantage.


We take care of the data so you can take care of your next employee.


Upload you open position(s)

Upload a job description as a PDF or Word document and our AI extracts the relevant data.


Instant Results

Receive immediate matching passive candidates' profiles with contact information. Or, match your talent pool against all your jobs to identify highly qualified candidates.


Experience Immediate Benefits

Reduce hiring costs, lower time-to-hire and discover new talent. Nurture current employees who have the potential for new future positions. Interact with talent that may not have considered a position with your company just yet.


More information about Ucruit.

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Stay competitive with a talent sourcing platform

Reduce mistakes, lower costs and give your valuable staff a tool to be more efficient. Achieve better precision and accuracy in you recruiting efforts, gain the ability to learn from data and empower everyone in HR to perform better.


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